Men's Services

Mens Hair Cut

Shampoo w/ Scalp Massage


Classic Hand Detail

Soak Nail, Cuticle Removal, Shape and Buff, Light Massage , Nail Strengther or Shine Buff Optional


Deluxe Hand Detail

Cut Down, Shape, Buff Nail, Remove and Push Back Cuticles, Relaxing Hand and Arm Massage, Ending with a Paraffin Dip to Lock in all the Moisture, and Perfect for Hands that are Over Worked, Callused or have Arthritis. Your Hands will Feel the Difference Immediately!


Basic Foot Detail

Eucalyptus Foot Soak, cuticle removal, shape/ buff nail, remove calluses on heels, and ending with a light massage. (Shine Buff or Nail Strengthener Optional)


Deluxe Foot Detail

Foot Logix Anti-Bacterial Soak, shape/ buff nail, cuticle removal, remove calluses on heels, Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub on legs and feet. Massage with Foot Logix Double Defense hydrating urea infused mouse followed by Aroma Therapy Hot Towel Compress to remove any residue.


Gentlemen’s Facial

Created specifically for Men! Clear Oily or Problem prone skin with this purifying and calming Facial. Cleansing, Steaming and Extracting any blackheads, Smoothing Toner to wipe away left-over debris and oil. Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion to smooth the surface of the skin. Calming Face, Neck and Scalp massage with Aroma Therapy. Customized Mask for your skin type. Ending with ICE Therapy to melt away any inflammation in the skin. This Facial also includes a Hydrating Foot Treatment with Heated Booties